The Optimist (II)

It keeps on getting better,

It really does, it’s true,

All grey and dismal skies above

Have been replaced by blue.

The outlook’s fresh and fair,

Good weather fronts are moving

Right across the pearly arch

Of heaven, boy they’re grooving.

Bopping, jiving, getting down

The latest Number One,

Mankind is at peace,

A settled era has begun.

When I look out from my window,

Birds and bees are calling,

They’re inviting merry souls

To drive without that stalling,

The hesitation hug our neighbour,

Goodwill to each other,

Embrace your enemy as though

He is a long-lost brother.

Now I step out from my house,

A bright and glorious day,

I wander into town where with

My friends I laugh and play.

Relaxing in their company

I look the night above,

A shooting star completes the picture,

My heart fills with love!

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