The Optimist (I)

Nothing can go wrong

I say I’m looking straight ahead,

My hopes are high, my expectations

They from doubts have fled.

My attitude is positive,

My mind keeps looking forward,

Hungry for the sight of land

My vessel’s heading toward.

I'm so fixated gazing yonder

To the promised land

I haven’t even seen that iceberg

There on my left hand;

Oh dear, it’s now too late,

I’m strook upon the flank,

For acts of less incompetence

Have captains walked the plank!

I’m starting to go under,

I’m sinking to my neck,

But never will I bow to

Pessimism, not by heck.

Instead enjoy the freeze,

Good gracious though it’s cold,

Farewell, glug glug, remember

Always happy be this wold!

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