The Olympic Games

Pierre de Coubertin, the Father of these Games,

A baron who by rank now first did light that torch’s flames;

Remarkable the man, whose vision sees us row

Upon the current of this cycle’s next Olympic show!

We honour him by welcoming each athlete, then ask

That they embrace the struggle, final triumph be their task.

Yet spare a thought for those who may of their accord fall short,

Remember Rudyard’s admonition, valiant though fought,

Impostors such as win or lose, or victory or disaster,

Will never stop this legacy, our children shall run faster.

So show them now such fine example, contest, opposition,

For all our own development is product such attrition,

Good luck to you, well-wishers we do send our very best,

Go! Entertain us all as each event puts you the test.

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