The Break-Up (II)

'No,’ I sudden yelled,

‘It cannot be, no please,

I’ve best been good and always

Prayed to you on bended knees.

You musn’t take my love,

The one who keeps me sane,

With beauty and composure

Whilst I’m sullied by the rain.

She is my life, my measure,

My counterpoint this earth,

Without her will I lose my way

And stumble low in dearth.

I will not cope, I shan’t survive,

You must return her now;

If you do, I’ll promise

Best behaviour be my vow.

Please give me another chance,

I beg you, Lord above,

I’m forlorn as your nemesis

Without my darling’s love.

If you keep her from me,

In misery I’ll wallow,

Till the darkness opes its maw

And slays me with its swallow.

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