The Break-Up (I)

Woe is me! Woe betide!

Sorrow my friend,

Sadness my pal,

Base companion the end

Of all time, will my plaintive

And sickly mind dwell

On the past, when with you

I was happy and well.

Where have you gone?

Oh, what do you do now?

Have the angels and ministers,

True to their vow

Welcomed you home,

By the hearth set you down,

Trumpeting notice

To He with a frown

That a soul has been severed

Fierce riven in two,

Just like Him the Maker,

Creator hereto?

When he sits with you, warm

By the fire does he think,

Do you either envisage

The pain that each blink

Of my eyes does alert me

Afresh and anew

To the loneliness,

Pain and despair without you?

Dear goodness above, please look after my love,

Without her each day is a burden to shove.

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