Temper (I)

Furious am I, in rage by anger gripped,

My sense of moderation with aught

Patience has been shipped

Far, far the briny deep, there buried floor the ocean,

Never to resurface, never set again in motion.

All future plans of action, dictated sole by hate

Will on me turn destruction,

Self-annihilating fate.

Do I care? How can I? I’ve given up all hope,

I’m full up with despair

I simply may not onward cope.

Suffocated, breathless, I haven’t got the fire,

The light to keep me strong and banish

Fury to the pyre.

Intent am I on sitting, toasting, dining with the dark,

I may not quit his table, find again my noble spark.

I see no exit strategy, I’m doomed forever tread

The rocky road to ruin whilst my ire increases red!

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