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Welcome to William Ottoway's Utopia and other stories including tales on the perils of technology and modern music's dangerous lure, an old-fashioned shop romance, a very old-aged revenge fantasy, and an explosive reboot of what really drove Will Shakespeare to start writing! 

Available from the menu above are some poems I've penned and a script in monologue form, Queen Eleanor, to show how I have merged those two styles with prose to create the distinctive nature inherent in these stories; I really hope their resultant quirk of character appeals to you.

And what better way to accompany your short story reading than with some complementary background music? I love all my characters, but there is only one whose DJ set on a Friday night has been part-recorded for posterity. At just under forty minutes, and it is thumping at sunset, Rick's abridged mix can be listened to here.  

So, available in paperback or as an e-book version, this is William Ottoway's Utopia and other stories, its eponymous hero soon finding himself up against the very appliance which has most accelerated our incredible, yet blithely ill-considered, technological revolution!

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